Hello! Great to have you here, the kettle’s just boiled – what would you like to drink? Coffee please

So, tell us a bit about yourself and your business.

I started Framerstamp about 18 months ago following a varied career. What I do is frame sets of postage stamps which people usually think is a bit weird and they usually need to see a picture or the real thing to understand what I’m doing. If I’m going along to a meeting I usually take a couple with me so that people can see what the framed stamps look like.

What inspired you to start your creative business? How did it all begin?

I’ve always liked stamps and had a small collection but what really started me thinking about making them accessible were the Olympic stamps. Having attended mainly Paralympic events I thought that stamps for each gold medal was a great souvenir of the occasion. Most people don’t really look at stamps but they are lovely miniature works of art and it struck me that if they could be mounted as sets then they would make a really attractive and interesting small picture. Since there are stamps for nearly everything from flowers to football, cats to Christmas and science to sport it also struck me that they meet a need for an inexpensive gift which would suit a lot of interests and make a gift quite special. Though not strictly speaking personalised they make a great personal gift and show that someone has thought about what you like.

How has your business changed and developed since it started?

I first of all started trading at Greenwich Market and for a year now have to been to several local craft fairs in Kent. I also have a website at www.framerstamp.com and sell online.

So, where does all this takes place? What’s your workspace like?

I work on the living room table but also need quite a lot of space for stock (not in the living room)- the stamps aren’t a problem of course but for the frames and mounts take up space. I keep meaning to move to a bigger area but haven’t quite got round to this yet.

What are the best and worst bits of running your business?

The best bit is people really liking them even if they don’t buy anything. It’s very reassuring that people appreciate the idea and like the finished product and admire the work and precision involved. I also have great conversations with people at craft fairs since many of them remember some sets of stamps or even have them somewhere in the loft. The most disappointing thing is what it takes to set up online selling – setting up a website doesn’t mean you’re going to sell online it takes a lot of time and graft. In that respect I thought I would spend less time on a computer and just enjoy creating framed stamps but it hasn’t really worked out like that.

What are your hopes, plans or ambitions for the future?

I’d like to think that more people look closely at stamps and do see them as small works of art if they’ve seen my products. From a business point of view I’d like to increase my online sales which are a trickle at the moment but growing.

Finally, where can we find you online if we want to keep in touch?

My website is at www.framerstamp.com and my email is info (at) framerstamp (dot) com

Thanks so much for your time and chatting to you about your business!